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Kashveda Cough Syrup is your ultimate solution for tackling various types of coughs. Whether you are suffering from a persistent cough, dry cough, cold-induced cough, or even smoker’s cough, this cough syrup provides fast relief without causing drowsiness. Its unique non-drowsy formula targets the root cause of coughing, providing effective results for users.



With its specialized formulation, Kashveda Cough Syrup actively reduces the frequency of cough reflux, ensuring a soothing and protective effect on your respiratory system. It covers and safeguards the irritated mucus membranes, promoting quicker healing and minimizing discomfort. If you are a smoker struggling with a troublesome cough, this cough syrup not only relieves smoker’s cough but also aids in reducing the urge to cough.
If you are experiencing a cough due to a respiratory tract infection, Kashveda Cough Syrup comes to your rescue by alleviating the irritating symptoms. Its powerful ingredients work together to combat the infection and treat the cough effectively. Say goodbye to bothersome coughs and welcome healthier respiratory well-being with Kashveda Cough Syrup.

  • Reduces the frequency of cough reflux
  • Produces a protective and smoothing effect on the respiratory system
  • Covers and protects the irritated mucus membrane for faster healing
  • Relieves smoker’s cough and reduces the urge to cough
  • Effectively cures cough in respiratory tract infections
  • Fast relief formula for productive cough, dry cough, cold-induced cough, and persistent cough
  • Non-drowsy formulation, ensuring active and alert behavior even after consuming the syrup


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