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If you’re experiencing joint pain, JASVIK ORTHO Tablets might be the solution for you. These tablets are made up of a blend of 14 herbs that work together to relieve joint pain by balancing Vata, Shleshaka Kapha and other doshas. They can help alleviate morning stiffness, pain, and joint inflammation and also strengthen the cartilage and synovial tissue in the joints. For maximum benefit, it is recommended to use these tablets together with Pirant oil. The two formulations are designed to work in harmony and provide fast, long-lasting pain relief.



JASVIK ORTHO is a specially formulated oil that helps relieve stiffness, inflammation, and pain in joints and muscles. It is made up of a blend of essential oils, each with specific therapeutic properties that provide fast and long-lasting pain relief. Regular use is recommended for optimal results. JASVIK ORTHO Herbal Pain Oil contains only natural essential oils and does not contain any mineral oils that could potentially harm your health.

Are you constantly bothered by muscle pain, stiffness, or joint discomfort? Look no further than JASVIK ORTHO! Our expert team specializes in treating a variety of conditions, including muscle spasms, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and knee pain. Let us help you feel your best and get back to doing the things you love.

Dosage: Take two tablets three times daily or as directed by a physician for external use only. Each bottle contains 30 tablets.

Maintaining mobility and staying active is crucial for improving blood flow and protecting joints. To achieve this, it is important to stay fit and use products like Pirant Oil, which is quickly absorbed and provides fast relief. Additionally, taking JASVIK ortho tablets can help you overcome any physical limitations and keep you going.


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