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LAXOVEDA Tablet is a natural laxative that can provide relief from both occasional and chronic constipation. It is formulated using well-known herbal laxatives, making it conducive to promoting digestive regularity. The combination of herbs in LAXOVEDA Tablet can also help alleviate digestive problems such as bloating, flatulence, and heartburn. This laxative is non-habit forming, devoid of gastric irritation, and helps in smooth evacuation.



LAXOVEDA Ayurvedic Tablet For Constipation

The LAXOVEDA Tablet contains natural laxatives that not only relieve constipation but also improve digestive function. It is effective for both occasional and chronic cases of constipation and is best used in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes for long-term treatment. The tablet also helps alleviate flatulence, heartburn, gas, and bloating without irritating the stomach, thanks to its natural Ayurvedic ingredients.


Non-habit forming laxative

Free from gastric irritation

Useful in flatulence and habitual constipation

Helps promote regularity

Helps restore Vata’s imbalance



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